Agile Focus is the joint blog of Steve Bockman, William Pietri, and Justin Sampson, agile practitioners living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Steve Bockman is an independent software developer who began his career in 1977 in a utility position, installing software packages for a manufacturer of business computers. Since then he has worked in the fields of speech recognition, terrain analysis, computer graphics, desktop publishing, industrial automation and web applications.

Steve’s first exposure to anything Agile occurred in 2000, but his involvement began in earnest in 2005 while participating in the development of a client/server application where changing requirements were part of the ground rules. He has been happily exploring Agile techniques ever since.

Justin Sampson has worked for several Silicon Valley software startups and larger companies, as everything from a Java and C++ developer to an architect, a ScrumMaster, and a director of engineering. Through these experiences he has been involved in the whole range of Web application programming, from the database to the human interface and system integration, and has seen a fair variety of team effectiveness and team dysfunction. Justin now works as a software architect at Guidewire.

William Pietri, the son of a systems analyst and an entrepreneur, started earning his lunch money with a computer at the age of thirteen. In the years since, he has worked in practically every facet of the technical world, from technical support to systems administration to software engineering to user-interface design.

He got interested in Agile methods after hearing Martin Fowler and Kent Beck talk at JavaOne 1999, and since has been a regular practitioner, conference attendee, and mailing list participant. These days he lives in San Francisco, working as an agile coach and developer with a variety of startups — and also with companies that want to be just as innovative and effective.

You can follow him on Twitter as @williampietri.


  1. Ted Young:

    Can I get your blog to notify me when there are new comments (other than via RSS)?

  2. stevesubscriber:

    Ted – I’ve enabled the Subscribe to Comments plug-in. You should now see a checkbox at the bottom of each page that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”.

  3. Chris Sterling:

    I like some content in your 3 kinds of code article. Would you be willing to give me permission to use this content with a reference to your article in a book that I am writing on Architecture in an Agile Organization? Of course, you would be able to proof-read anything that references the content.

    Thank you.

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    [...] had an e-mail exchange with William Pietri (@williampietri) back in October that I am reproducing here with his permission. I believe that it [...]

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